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Domaine Arsac Coteaux de l'Ardeche La Chaumette Rose

$ 14

Hailing from the sun-dappled terrains of the Coteaux de l'Ardeche, the 2022 La Chaumette Rosé by Domaine Arsac epitomizes the essence of southern French rosé. The vineyards of Domaine Arsac, with their mineral-rich soils and Mediterranean influence, are meticulously tended to produce grapes of exceptional quality, allowing the creation of wines that are both expressive and evocative.

La Chaumette Rosé captures the heart and soul of its origin, offering a delightful drinking experience that melds tradition with modern winemaking prowess.

Nose: The aromatic profile is an inviting medley of red summer berries - think strawberries, raspberries, and a touch of red currant. Swirling beneath these dominant aromas are hints of rose petal, citrus zest, and a whiff of wet stone, conjuring images of a summer rain on a sunbaked Ardeche landscape.

Palate: The first sip greets the palate with a fresh burst of red fruit flavors, reminiscent of the nose. Mid-palate, the wine reveals its texture and structure, balancing vibrant acidity with subtle hints of minerality and herbaceous undertones.

Finish: Graceful and enduring, the finish presents a refreshing citrusy tang, interlaced with notes of berry and a delicate mineral touch, beckoning for another sip.

La Chaumette Rosé from Domaine Arsac is an exemplary food partner. It dances delightfully alongside Mediterranean dishes, from Provençal salads with olives and anchovies to grilled seafood drizzled in lemon and olive oil. Its crispness is also a fitting match for light pasta dishes, especially those with a tomato or cream-based sauce. On a warm day, consider pairing it with a fresh goat cheese salad adorned with ripe peaches or nectarines for a harmonious culinary experience.