Domaine de l'Oubilee Les Valseuses - Grain & Vine | Natural Wines, Rare Bourbon and Tequila Collection

Domaine de l'Oubilee Les Valseuses

$ 29

The 2021 Les Valseuses from Domaine de l'Oubilee is a sparkling gem from the heart of the Loire Valley, a region renowned for its world-class Chenin Blanc wines. Crafted with dedication to organic farming principles, this wine embodies the rich heritage and pure expression of its terroir. The Loire Valley, with its fertile soils and diverse microclimates, nurtures the Chenin Blanc grape, allowing it to develop its full range of flavors and complexities. "Les Valseuses" captures this essence, offering a vibrant and refreshing take on a classic varietal.

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Nose: The bouquet is generously aromatic, with fragrances of quince, freshly cut green apples, and a touch of honey. Subtle floral whispers of elderflower and hawthorn enhance the depth of its aroma profile. 

Palate: A dance of bubbles greets the palate, unveiling a rich tapestry of flavors from crisp pear to zesty citrus. The wine's inherent acidity balances the lushness of its fruit, accompanied by undertones of brioche and hints of wet stone, a testament to the Loire's mineral-rich soils. 

Finish: Graceful and enduring, the finish treats the drinker to lasting notes of ripe stone fruits, a subtle beeswax texture, and a refreshing mineral-driven aftertaste.

Pairing beautifully with a range of dishes, the 2021 Les Valseuses serves as both a delightful aperitif and a companion to meals. Fresh seafood selections, from delicate oysters to buttery lobster, resonate with its bright acidity. For those seeking a terrestrial pairing, a platter of soft cheeses, particularly goat cheese from the Loire, alongside cured meats and fresh baguette, would elevate the tasting experience.