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Domaine des Diables Le Petit Diable Cotes de Provence Rose

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Virginie Fabre and Guillaume Philip arrived at the foot of Sainte-Victoire in 2005. Both graduates from the Montpellier wine school, where they met and fell in love. In 2007 they harvested the first grapes on their estate, the famous "Domaine des Diables" established on this Puyloubier plain with the rich and stony soil which produces very aromatic rosés.


Geology: The soils of Le Domaine des Diables offer a perfect balance between clay, silt and sand. There is also the presence of round pebbles, proof that a long time ago, a river once had its bed on this vineyard.


Climatology: Le Domaine des Diables benefits from optimum exposure for producing healthy, high-quality grapes. Indeed, the plots are under the constant influence of twelve different winds, the most famous of which is the Mistral, which limits the development of vine diseases. At night, the plateau benefits from the heat stored by the mountain during the day and reflect the heat back in the vineyards at night, allowing regular maturation of the grapes.


Farming method: Certified organic. In the interests of constant respect for the environment and the consumer, all the plots are organically farmed. This technique consists of following the presence and evolution of potential vine diseases very closely, and intervening only if the risk of damage is high. This allows minimum intervention and treatments and the preservation of the flora and fauna in the vineyards.


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Grapefruit pink coloured wine with a very subtle nose and a delicate yet sprightly mouth feel.