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Domaine Dirler-Cade Aromate Orange Wine

$ 25

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Nose: At first whiff, the wine unveils an opulent bouquet of sun-dried apricots, fragrant orange blossoms, and hints of zesty lemon rind. As the layers unfold, whispers of ginger spice, chamomile, and fresh hay rise, offering an ever-evolving aromatic experience.\n\nPalate: A textured embrace welcomes the palate, where flavors of candied citrus, ripe nectarine, and honeyed nuts intertwine. The wine's grip, a gift from its skin-contact, is beautifully offset by its invigorating acidity and underlying mineral streaks, synonymous with Alsace's terroir.\n\nFinish: An enduring finish ensues, marked by a balance of fruit, spice, and earthiness. Notes of dried figs, almonds, and a touch of saline leave an unforgettable imprint, urging for another pour.\n\n

Domaine Dirler-Cade's 2022 Aromate Orange Wine is a gastronomic gem. Its rich profile makes it a versatile pairing choice. Consider Mediterranean fare like olive tapenade, spiced lamb koftas, or even a classic Alsatian tarte flambée. The wine's structure and depth make it a match for spicy Asian dishes, such as Thai curries or Szechuan stir-fries. For a simpler pairing, an assortment of hard and soft cheeses alongside dried fruits would accentuate the wine's inherent aromatics."}" data-sheets-userformat='{"2":963,"3":{"1":0},"4":{"1":2,"2":14281427},"9":0,"10":1,"11":4,"12":0}'>A beacon of innovation and tradition, the 2022 Aromate Orange Wine from Domaine Dirler-Cade is a testament to Alsace's prowess in winemaking. By intertwining ancestral techniques with contemporary flair, Domaine Dirler-Cade has crafted an orange wine that exemplifies the beauty of skin-contact whites, bringing forth a dance of flavors and textures unique to Alsace.

Immersing in the art of patience, the extended grape skin maceration imbues the wine with a radiant hue and a kaleidoscope of aromatics and taste profiles.