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Domaine Guy Mea L' Assemblage Premier Cru Champagne

$ 50

Guy Mea is based in the Montagne de Reims with 7 hectares of Grand and Premier Cru vineyards looked after by Guy Mea’s granddaughter Sophie and her husband. They not only produce their own wines but also sell their wines to Pol Roger, Roederer and Gosset. This wine is a blend of 80% Pinot Noir and 20% Chardonnay. 

Domaine Guy Mea's L' Assemblage Premier Cru is a captivating blend that speaks to the heritage and artistry of the Champagne region. This Premier Cru designation indicates a wine of exceptional quality, sourced from vineyards recognized for their superior terroir. Domaine Guy Mea, with its storied history, has masterfully crafted this Champagne to showcase the quintessential attributes of the region, balancing depth, complexity, and finesse.

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Nose: The nose is alive with a symphony of aromas. Fresh orchard fruits like pear and apple meld seamlessly with nuances of brioche, almond, and a delicate floral undertone.

Palate: The palate is effervescent and elegant, with the lively bubbles carrying flavors of crisp citrus, stone fruits, and a touch of honeyed richness. There's a profound mineral backbone, likely a reflection of the Premier Cru vineyards, which adds structure and depth to the wine.

Finish: This Champagne finishes gracefully with lingering notes of lemon zest, fresh bread, and a hint of salinity, making one yearn for the next sip.

Domaine Guy Mea's L' Assemblage Premier Cru Champagne is a versatile partner to a variety of gastronomic delights. It pairs beautifully with seafood, particularly oysters, shrimp cocktails, and scallop ceviche. For those preferring richer dishes, it would be an exquisite companion to truffle risotto, creamy mushroom pasta, or even duck à l'orange. And, of course, a cheese platter with Camembert, Roquefort, and fresh goat cheese would be a delightful match, elevating the Champagne's intricate flavors.