Domaine Jean Baptiste Senat Amalgame Minervois - Grain & Vine | Natural Wines, Rare Bourbon and Tequila Collection

Domaine Jean Baptiste Senat Amalgame Minervois

$ 20

All year round, the domaine’s vines are cared for according to the ethics of organic agriculture, totally, as certified by Ecocert. Here, pruning is done patiently and weeding the old fashioned way, being ploughed back in. Because a good winemaker guides more than he imposes, the vines are treated with kindness, according to their needs : a goblet shape to make the most of the coolness offered by shade or spread out to gain maturity. At harvest time, the grapes are hand picked into small crates. They are then left to ferment in whole bunches, in order to preserve the flavor and the purity of the tannins. They develop in the chai without sulphur, fining or filtration. Then comes the blending : “The genius of the grape” explains Jean-Baptiste, “is that it is more intelligent than man. It’s only when you mix one variety with another that they reveal their true richness.” The earth is alive and the vines are healthy, giving sincere wines that are neither pretentious nor overbearing.

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