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Domaine Parpalhol "Petit Frenchie" Merlot

$ 10

Indulge in the exquisite taste of 2020 Domaine Parpalhol "Petit Frenchie" Merlot, a tantalizing red wine from the cherished vineyards of Languedoc, France. With vines tenderly aged between 7 and 10 years, every drop of this vibrant Merlot tells a story of the rich, clay and limestone soil it was nurtured in. Vinified in steel and traditionally aged in thermoregulated inox vats, the meticulous process unveils a wine that is both subtle and accessible, embodying the true essence of friendship, sharing, and hedonism as envisioned by its creators at Domaine Parpalhol​.

Nose: Unveiling a lively play of aromas, the nose is greeted with a sweet dance of blueberries and cherry jam, intertwining with a whisper of earthly goodness reminiscent of its Mediterranean origin​​.

Palate: As it graces the palate, its supple and slurpy texture is an invitation to a hearty burst of fruity flavors. The medley of blueberries and cherries continues, laying down a path for a smooth finish that's all about pure fun and delight​.

Finish: The finish is smooth, leaving a trace of joyful reminiscence, much like the cheerful gatherings it's destined for.

:The "Petit Frenchie" Merlot is not just a wine; it's a companion to good times. Pair it with a hearty meaty dish, perhaps a tender roast beef or a classic Coq au Vin, and you have a meal to remember. Its fruity exuberance also makes it a delightful partner to a cheese platter, letting the creamy textures dance along with the vibrant notes of the wine. Whether it's a quiet dinner or a lively gathering of friends, the 2020 Domaine Parpalhol "Petit Frenchie" Merlot is sure to add that extra sparkle to the moment.