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Domaine Yves Duport Celine Vin de France

$ 19

40% Chardonnay. 40% Gamay, 20% Mondeuse

Gradually over four generations the estate has been built up to almost 10 hectares in this rugged terrain. There are three main soil types, each matched with its best corresponding varietal as a result of careful observations: the soils of the montagnieu area white marl clay, perfect for altess (roussette) and mondeuse; the silica and limestone soils of the moraine hillside slopes are perfect for chardonnay; and finally the clay and limestone mountain scree soils where pinot noir excels. Yves make his cuvees by working in fellowship with neighboring winemakers of similar mindsets, the production occurring either fully or partially in his cellar – the result is that about half the production is bugey blanc, 30% is bugey method traditionnelle, and 20% is bugey rouge. Make no mistake, yves tends to all the vines and sees them through to bottling, preferring to work with nature, the soil and the climate, using no chemicals whatsoever, while in the cellar acting more as a quiet conductor to the forces of nature as they coalesce.