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Esperando a Los Barbaros Malbec

$ 19

This project began in 2012 as an inspiration to focus on the pure soul and terroir of the Uco Valley, specifically Gualtallary. The Michelini brothers Juan Pablo and Matias, also winemakers at Mendoza’s renowned Zorzal and Passionate wineries, and Gerardo, and Gabriel, are creating their first biodynamic wines with the Calcareo and SuperUco labels. The wines are being produced under the stars, to harness the ancestral energy, in egg-shaped concrete vessels called amphoras in their Uco Valley vineyard located within in The Vines of Mendoza’s Winemaker’s Village project. This boutique, biodynamic project is the first of its kind in Mendoza with very limited production of high quality, terroir driven wines. . The two hectare farm is being planted in circles with 360 degrees of exposure to the sun and the different varieties will be planted from the center outward, as its vegetative cycle dictates. On the Michelini brothers wines, Neal Martin (Wine Advocate) commented that “Their passion and commitment, their spirituality and, for want of a better word, “purity” in terms of doing what they do for the love of it rather than financial reward, brought to mind the Lopez de Heredia sisters in Rioja. If you want cutting edge, meticulously crafted Argentinean wines hot footed from one of the most exciting sub-regions (Gualtallary), then look no further.

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