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Fabrizio Vella Terre Siciliane Bianco Non Filtrato

$ 12

The 2022 Fabrizio Vella Terre Siciliane Bianco Non Filtrato is a wine that encapsulates the soul of Sicily. Passionately crafted by Fabrizio Vella, a name synonymous with artisanal Sicilian winemaking, this unfiltered white wine brings forward the raw character of the island's indigenous grape varieties. It's a bold statement of authenticity, a salute to the traditional ways of winemaking, and a delightful insight into the terroir of Terre Siciliane.

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Nose: The initial aroma is a tantalizing blend of citrus zest, mingled with fresh white flowers and hints of ripe pear. As you delve deeper, there are gentle suggestions of apricot, almond blossom, and a touch of mineral undertones that hint at the volcanic soils of Sicily.

Palate: Sipping the Bianco Non Filtrato is an exploration of texture and taste. Its unfiltered nature gives it a unique mouthfeel, slightly cloudy but rich in flavor. Dominant notes of lemon and peach interplay with nuances of green apple, fresh herbs, and a mild saline quality that harks to the island's coastal influence.

Finish: The finish is both lingering and refreshing. The citrusy flavors remain, accompanied by a gentle mineral aftertaste and a soft hint of white blossoms that makes each sip as memorable as the last.

This vibrant and textured wine from Fabrizio Vella finds its perfect companions in the dishes of the Mediterranean. With its pronounced citrus and saline notes, seafood dishes like grilled calamari, mussels in white wine, or a zesty ceviche are impeccable choices. Vegetable dishes, like a Sicilian aubergine or courgette antipasti, resonate well with the wine's herby undertones. For cheese lovers, a soft burrata or a slice of pecorino would be a harmonious match, allowing the wine's complexity to shine through in every bite.