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Faccia Brutto Spirits Centerbe Giallo

$ 65

Faccia Brutto Spirits Centerbe Giallo Riserva Liqueur is an exquisite and artisanal creation from the innovative Faccia Brutto Spirits. This herbal liqueur, with its vibrant yellow hue, is a modern take on traditional Italian Centerbe, a type of herbal liqueur known for its complex blend of botanicals. The "Giallo Riserva" variant represents a premium and refined version, offering a unique and richly flavored experience that is both traditional and contemporary.

Nose: The aroma is an enchanting blend of herbs and botanicals, presenting a fragrant and aromatic bouquet. It features notes of citrus zest, mingled with a variety of herbs like mint, sage, and thyme. Underlying these are hints of floral and earthy elements, creating an inviting and complex nose.

Palate: On the palate, Centerbe Giallo Riserva Liqueur reveals a delightful harmony of flavors. The taste is a vibrant mix of sweet and bitter, characteristic of traditional herbal liqueurs. Flavors of lemon, anise, and a medley of herbs dance on the tongue, complemented by a gentle sweetness and a subtle spicy warmth, adding depth and intrigue.

Finish: The finish is long, refreshing, and pleasantly bitter. It leaves a lasting impression of herbal complexity, with a balance of sweet and bitter notes that tantalize the palate. This finish is a testament to the liqueur's artisanal quality and the skillful blend of botanicals.

Faccia Brutto Spirits Centerbe Giallo Riserva Liqueur is more than just a liqueur; it's a celebration of herbal craftsmanship and the art of liqueur-making. Ideal for sipping neat as a digestif, as an aperitif, or as a versatile component in creative cocktails, this liqueur is perfect for those who appreciate a complex and botanical-driven spirit. Its unique flavor profile makes it a standout addition to any collection of fine liqueurs.