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Field Recordings Skins White Wine Central Coast

$ 20

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Nose: On the nose, the wine unravels an intricate bouquet of dried apricots, zesty lemon peel, and fragrant white flowers. Lurking in the background are alluring hints of honeycomb, toasted almonds, and a gentle touch of earthen spices.\n\nPalate: The palate is a symphony of layered flavors, starting with a burst of tangy citrus and moving into nuances of peach, dried pear, and a slight nuttiness. The skin contact lends a textured grip, providing depth to the wine, harmoniously balanced with its lively acidity and mineral undertones.\n\nFinish: The finish is long and nuanced, leaving a trail of fresh herbs, stone fruit, and a hint of salinity that entices the next sip.\n\n

The 2022 Skins White Wine is an outstanding culinary companion. Its textured profile and vibrant flavors pair splendidly with diverse cuisines. Think Mediterranean mezze, spiced Moroccan tagines, or even rich Indian curries. The wine's inherent freshness complements seafood like grilled prawns or calamari, while its texture stands up to more hearty dishes, such as roasted poultry or pork. For a vegetarian delight, consider pairing it with a butternut squash risotto or a roasted vegetable tart."}" data-sheets-userformat='{"2":963,"3":{"1":0},"4":{"1":2,"2":14281427},"9":0,"10":1,"11":4,"12":0}'>The 2022 Skins White Wine from Field Recordings is a brilliant embodiment of the adventurous spirit of winemaking in California's Central Coast. This skin-contact white, often termed "orange wine," showcases the expertise of Field Recordings in pushing boundaries and exploring diverse winemaking techniques.

With its extended grape skin contact, this wine radiates a unique hue and exhibits a distinct flavor profile, beautifully capturing the terroir of the Central Coast.