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Fram Wines Swartland Shiraz

$ 16

This wine is from a selection of vineyards around the Swartland, combining barrels from the granite sands in the Paardeberg with those from wines that came from the koffieklip soils west of Malmesbury. Winery's vision is to make a wine that will focus on freshness, and show lively fruit, ranging from red cherry to the black savouriness of liquorice.

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This juicy, dense Shiraz is from old vineyards in the Riebeek Kasteel / Paardeberg area that grow in rugged decomposed granite soils and some other bush vines west of Malmesbury in "Koffieklip" or "coffee stone" soils rich in iron oxide. The wine is dark and concentrated with powerful dark fruit, rich spice, some meaty notes and a ferrous complexity. Despite its obvious power and concentration the wine is vibrant and not at all clumsy, it possess effusive aromatics and striking balance on the palate.

A wine like this can hold up to the intense flavors of slow-roasted barbecue pork. A great cut for this might be a pork shoulder where you’ll have a rich umami-driven piece of meat. Try spicing this type of meat with pepper and cumin to bring out the fruitiness in the wine. Another way is using Asian cuisine flavors, such as plum sauce, that will add to the fruitiness in the wine. (Vegetarian option: smoked seitan steaks)