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Frenchtown Farms Chasse Patate Sierra Foothills Malbec

$ 25

Originating from the scenic slopes of Sierra Foothills, the 2022 Chasse Patate Malbec by Frenchtown Farms is a redolence of California's winemaking prowess. Frenchtown Farms, celebrated for its low-intervention, organic approach, delivers wines that are genuine reflections of their terroir. This Malbec, named "Chasse Patate" – a nod to the chase group in cycling that is caught between the peloton and breakaway – seeks to break away from convention and redefine California Malbec. Crafted with dedication and a respect for nature, this wine embodies the unique soil and climatic conditions of the Sierra Foothills, giving wine enthusiasts a distinct Malbec experience that contrasts with its more famous Argentinian counterparts.

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Nose: The aromatic profile unveils a rich tapestry of black cherries, plums, and ripe blackberries. This fruit-forward character is elegantly complemented by hints of violets, sweet tobacco, and a trace of eucalyptus.

Palate: On the palate, the Chasse Patate Malbec showcases a medium to full-bodied richness, with velvety tannins. The dark fruit flavors from the nose persist, deepened by nuances of dark chocolate, coffee, and a touch of leather. The wine's vibrant acidity ensures balance, adding a refreshing edge to its depth.

Finish: The finish is lingering and harmonious, with notes of dark fruit and subtle spices. There's a gentle reminder of the Sierra Foothills terroir, a blend of minerality and earthiness, that graces the palate as the wine concludes its narrative.

The 2022 Frenchtown Farms Chasse Patate Malbec pairs harmoniously with a variety of dishes. Its depth and character are particularly suited for grilled meats – think ribeye steaks or lamb chops. Additionally, hearty stews, barbecue dishes, or spicy sausages would complement its robust profile. For vegetarians, portobello mushrooms grilled with herbs or lentil and vegetable casseroles would be delightful accompaniments.