Gatto Grosso Vino Rosso - Grain & Vine | Natural Wines, Rare Bourbon and Tequila Collection

Gatto Grosso Vino Rosso

$ 20

Certified organic, low yields, hand harvest, de-stem med, natural yeast fermentation in 300hl tanks at moderate temperatures, 24-28 degrees Celsius. Batonnage once per month, and then once every other month following a naturally occurring MLF. Lightly filtered and minimal SO2 added just prior to bottling.

Founded in 1971, Cantina Viticoltori Senesi Aretini is a small cooperative located between the provinces of Arezzo and Siena. Only 6 of its growers are certified organic. Viticoltori Senesi Aretini is com mitted to maximizing the ultimate expression of the terroir through its thoughtful practices in the vineyard and minimal intervention in the cellar. Winemaker Mery Ferrara produces wine in a graceful, elegant style, that respects the fresh, mineral edge that can be found in the world’s best Chianti Classico.

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