Giffard Creme de Framboise - Grain & Vine | Natural Wines, Rare Bourbon and Tequila Collection

Giffard Creme de Framboise

$ 29

A delicious, versatile addition to Giffard’s Specialty range of classic liqueurs and Crème de fruits which aim to achieve the uncompromised taste of whole, natural fruits
Produced using aromatic Willamette raspberries, plucked fresh from the vine, which are macerated in neutral spirit to capture their bright, tangy flavor.
A nose of rich, candied raspberry with notes of honey and Oolong tea precedes a juicy palate bursting with raspberry and black currant with a delicate tartness.
16% ABV
A classic French delicacy, Framboise is sipped as a dessert cordial and used to add a juicy, raspberry kick to cocktails. The low sugar content of the Willamette raspberries results in a liqueur that is versatile enough for both cocktails and desserts.


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