Hafner Grape Juice White KP - Grain & Vine | Natural Wines, Rare Bourbon and Tequila Collection

Hafner Grape Juice White KP

$ 8

Savor the authentic taste of Austrian Muscat grapes with Hafner Grape Juice White KP. This non-alcoholic white grape juice presents a sophisticated option for those who appreciate wine's complexity but prefer to avoid alcohol. Crafted in the scenic Neckenmarkt area of Burgenland, this juice embodies the natural sweetness and bright flavors of fully ripened Muscat grapes. It is made exclusively from 100% fresh grapes and is carefully stabilized through pasteurization without any additional color, sugar, water, or preservatives. Boasting a clear-golden hue, this juice offers a delectable taste reminiscent of fresh grapes, balanced with a pleasant acidity. It is also certified Kosher for Passover, organic, and vegan, ensuring it meets various dietary needs while adding no sugar, preservatives, or sulfites.