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Hana Makgeolli Hwaju Unfiltered Rice Wine

$ 30

HWAJU 12 | Stemming from the Korean root words hwa and ju, HWAJU can translate to both flower wine and fire water. Naturally fermented, unfiltered rice wine made with organic rice and infused with hydrangea and crysanthemum flowers.


Inspired by the traditional herbal and flower infused sools that can only be found in Korea, the HWAJU 12 is a sayangju (4 stage fermented alcohol) and made exclusively with organic medium grain white rice, organic sweet white rice, nuruk (traditional Korean wild fermentation starter), and filtered New York water.


The HWAJU 12 is 12% ABV, ever so sweet, earthy, delicately floral, and bright with naturally occurring lactic acid and effervescence.


Best kept refrigerated or stored in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. Shake gently to incorporate sediment and enjoy cold.

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