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High West Campfire Whiskey

$ 79

Hands down one of the best for the winter months. A terrific blend of bourbon, rye and peated Scotch from High West in Utah, with a great back story to boot...

During a visit to Islay, David Perkins enjoyed breakfast at a B&B near Bruichladdich, which included a delicious syrup made from sugar and peated poured over honeydew melon. Taking this experience back to America, he set about blending sweet bourbon from Lawrenceburg with peaty Islay single malt, with some spicy Rye for good measure!


  • Nose: Floral, fruity, bright and spicy. Caramel and butterscotch. Light smoke and smoldering wood from a campfire the morning after. Jasmine, chai tea, sandalwood, leather, tobacco, pine resin and toasted bread.
  • Taste: vanilla, honey, toffee with some nice fruit, and black cherries. Chai spices - nutmeg, cinnamon and orange zest. Salty . Tobacco. Gentle smoke!
  • Finish: Long, sweet, spicy, and smoky!

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