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Hild RoseMarie Spatburgunder Rose

$ 16

From the historic vineyards of Germany emerges the Hild RoseMarie Spätburgunder Rosé, a wine that splendidly balances the Old World charm with contemporary refinement. Drawing from Germany's rich viticultural heritage, Hild has mastered the art of crafting a rosé that epitomizes elegance and grace.

Made from the illustrious Spätburgunder grapes, this rosé reflects the delicate yet profound character of the variety, while embracing the nuanced shades of summer.

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Nose: The first encounter is a vibrant nose filled with a symphony of red berries: fresh strawberries, juicy raspberries, and a hint of red currants. Mingling amidst the berries are subtle aromas of rose petals and a touch of wet stone, reminiscent of a summer rain.

Palate: Upon sipping, the wine reveals a refreshing burst of cranberry and tart cherry, complemented by a subtle citrus undertone. The palate is invigorated by its lively acidity, yet there's a softness, a gentle caress of the tongue, owing to its fine texture.

Finish: The finish is graceful and prolonged, with lingering notes of berry fruitiness and a soft herbal nuance that adds depth and complexity.

The Hild RoseMarie Spätburgunder Rosé is a versatile accompaniment to a myriad of dishes. Its crispness makes it perfect for light starters like a fresh prawn salad or a strawberry and goat cheese tart. For heartier options, consider pairing with grilled salmon or roasted chicken dishes adorned with aromatic herbs. If in the mood for a vegetarian treat, a beetroot and feta salad or a zucchini and tomato tart would do justice to this wine's nuanced profile.