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Industry Standard Vodka

$ 37

Base Ingredient/Mash: USA-sourced beet sugar and beet molasses Still Size & Type: Continuous steam-powered stripping still and 15-gallon glass & stainless steel fractional reflux column still Fermentation: Continuous bio-reactor fermentation to 14% ABV, 24 hrs/day Distillation: Steam-stripped & then fractionally distilled once to 95.6% ABV Blending: Blended by hand from over 40 distinct cuts Filtration: None Alcohol: 40% Production #s: Currently 60 cases per batch

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Industry Standard is made from sugar beets, grown and processed into sugar in the United States, and then delivered by the ton to the distillery. Here mash is created, or “washed” as the distillery calls it, where the sugar is mixed with water along with the trace vitamins and minerals that our yeast need for fermentation. The yeast is grown right in distillery's on-site lab. It’s a strain originally selected from beet fields in France, which works beautifully with distillery's unique fermentation process.