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Jack Daniel's 12 Years Old Tennessee Whiskey

$ 399

Behold Jack Daniel's 12-year-old Tennessee Whiskey - a polished and exceptional release from one of the world's most prominent distilleries. Admired for its velvety and remarkable character, Jack Daniel's has created this 12-year-old whiskey of unparalleled quality - a testament to the richness and intricacy that extended maturation can produce.

Aged for a full 12 years in new, charred American oak barrels, Jack Daniel's 12 Years Old Tennessee Whiskey offers a harmonious balance between rich, bold flavors and the signature smoothness that Jack Daniel's is known for. This limited-edition release captures the essence of Jack Daniel's craftsmanship and is an ideal choice for those seeking a truly special and memorable whiskey experience.

Nose: The nose senses are tantalized by a pleasing fusion of scents, including rich toffee, toasted woody notes, and a blend of warm spices. As the aroma evolves, subtle hints of sweet tobacco, leather, and ripe dark fruits reveal themselves, creating a multi-layered and intricate scent experience.

Palate: The tongue-tickling Jack Daniel's 12 Years Old Tennessee Whiskey tantalizes the palate with its rich, creamy texture that exudes caramel, vanilla, and oak sensations. A perfect medley of dried fruits' subtle sweetness and the warmth of cinnamon and nutmeg adds an extra punch to the blend. As you savor the whiskey, it gradually unravels delicate hints of dark chocolate, candied orange peel, and an earthy touch, giving the drink a harmonious and well-rounded profile.

Finish: The satisfying finish boasts a lingering warmth of oak and baking spices that gently fade away, leaving a delectable aftertaste of sweet toffee, creamy vanilla, and a subtle whisper of smoky char behind.