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Jack Daniel's Family of Fine Spirits Gift Set

$ 20

Jack Daniels Family of Fine Spirits Set with 5 miniature bottles of 0.05 liter each

The Jack Daniels product family continues to grow, and alongside the classic Jack Daniels No.7 whiskey, great American whiskeys are emerging. In this set you get a nice impression of the different facets of the Jack Daniels Distillery in Tennessee. Five different varieties come in small miniature bottles to try. These include Jack Daniel's Tennessee Whiskey No.7, Jack Daniel's Single Barrel and Jack Daniel's Gentleman Jack, as well as the Jack Daniels Tennessee Fire and Jack Daniels Tennessee Honey. The latter two varieties are not pure whiskeys, but whiskey specialty with cinnamon and honey. These flavored whiskeys add an interesting note to the basic taste of Jack Daniels whiskey.