Jacques Florent Rose - Grain & Vine | Natural Wines, Rare Bourbon and Tequila Collection

Jacques Florent Rose

$ 28

A good farmer, Francois’ practices in the vineyard are sustainable. Intervention in the cellar is minimal. The Carignan was picked specifically for rosé, allowed a short skin maceration and then fermented in stainless steel. The addition of the Grenache made in the saignée method adds character and depth to this wine. After fermentation was completed the wine was finished with bentonite fining (vegan), filtration and sulfur additions appropriate for ensuring freshness in this format. The goal is to preserve the natural character of the wine, it was then filled under low pressure on a line designed to protect quality.

This new packaging represents a balance between form and function. It is an Eco-friendly container that is also elegant, eye-catching, and memorable. It has all of the convenience of the traditional 3L bag-in-box, with none of the stigmas.

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