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Johnnie Walker 18 Years Blended Scotch Whisky

$ 10

Johnnie Walker 18 Years Blended Scotch Whisky, presented in a convenient 50 ml size, is a luxurious and expertly crafted blend from one of the world's most renowned whisky houses. This 18-year-old Scotch is a selection of fine whiskies aged for at least 18 years, creating a sophisticated and multi-layered blend that epitomizes the skill and heritage of Johnnie Walker. It's a testament to the brand's commitment to consistent quality and blend mastery.

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Nose: The nose is elegantly complex and wonderfully rich. It greets the senses with an array of aromas, including sweet fruit, creamy toffee, and a hint of oak. Subtle notes of almond and a light smokiness add an extra layer of sophistication, making it an inviting and captivating bouquet.

Palate: On the palate, Johnnie Walker 18 Years offers a smooth and well-rounded flavor profile. The taste features a delightful blend of sweet fruit and creamy vanilla, complemented by hints of spice and a gentle smokiness. This is balanced with notes of citrus zest and a subtle nuttiness, adding depth and richness to the overall experience.

Finish: The finish is long, warm, and satisfying. It leaves a lingering impression of malt, oak, and a hint of peat smoke, combined with a touch of dark chocolate and dried fruit. This harmonious blend of flavors results in a finish that is both memorable and pleasing.