Jolie-Laide "Glou d'Etat" - Grain & Vine | Natural Wines, Rare Bourbon and Tequila Collection

Jolie-Laide "Glou d'Etat"

$ 26

The 2021 Jolie-Laide "Glou d'Etat" is an embodiment of playful experimentation and unapologetic uniqueness that the winery is renowned for. This wine, like its name suggests, is crafted for sheer pleasure and unpretentious enjoyment. Jolie-Laide, with its admirable dedication to embracing lesser-known grape varietals and avant-garde wine-making techniques, has given wine enthusiasts yet another reason to celebrate with the "Glou d'Etat."

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Nose: The wine opens up with a vibrant medley of red and black fruits - think cherries, raspberries, and perhaps a hint of blackberries. Swirling it further might release secondary notes: floral undertones, a touch of spice, and maybe even a wisp of freshly tilled earth or crushed leaves.

Palate: The "Glou d'Etat" is expectedly delightful on the palate – fresh, lively, and precisely the kind of wine you'd want to drink on a warm day or a casual evening. It would likely showcase a harmonious balance of fruitiness, acidity, and a gentle tannic grip. The flavors might echo the nose, with additional layers of perhaps savory herbs or subtle minerality.

Finish: The finish would be clean, refreshing, and urging for another sip. It leaves behind a memory of ripe fruits, a touch of floral elegance, and the unmistakable character of Californian terroir.

The 2021 Jolie-Laide "Glou d'Etat" is your go-to for a wide array of dishes. It's versatile enough to accompany anything from charcuterie boards, grilled vegetables, light pasta dishes, to even spicier cuisines like Thai or Mexican. Consider pairing it with grilled chicken, light salads, or even seafood dishes. Its vivacity can also counterbalance richer dishes, like a creamy risotto or duck confit.