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Joseph Magnus Straight Bourbon Whiskey

$ 95

Joseph A. Magnus was a real-life distiller in the 1800s who shuttered his business during prohibition. His great-grandson sought to resurrect the family trade and chose the District as the distillery’s new home. The Bourbon is aged eight years, inspired by 100 more. Magnus may be new, but they’re not starting from scratch. Legacy aside, the distillery was put together by a team of industry vets that includes former Woodford Reserve distiller Dave Scheurich, Nancy “The Nose” Fraley—a high-ranking whiskey blender—Richard Wolf of Buffalo Trace, Brett Thompson, and former Gin Joint bartender Nicole Hassoun. The crew found bourbon barrels aging in Kentucky, and worked to recreate the flavor of Magnus’ original product through finishing the bourbon in sherry and cognac barrels. The meticulous selection of grains, the unrivaled distillation process, and the patient aging in charred American oak barrels all contribute to its exceptional character. This spirit is not just a bourbon; it's a testament to the legacy of Joseph Magnus and the generations of expertise behind its crafting. With each bottle, one is invited to experience not just a drink, but a storied heritage that honors time-tested traditions while innovating for unmatched depth and complexity.

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Nose: A captivating bouquet greets the senses, dominated by dark cherries, candied figs, and toasted oak. Interspersed are whiffs of creamy vanilla, worn leather, and hints of almond and dark chocolate, providing a multifaceted aromatic experience.

Palate: A rich and expansive flavor profile unfolds. The sweetness of caramel and honey finds a counterpart in spicy notes of cinnamon and clove. Dried fruit undertones, featuring raisins, apricots, and dates, offer a delightful complexity, while earthy tobacco anchors the profile.

Finish: The conclusion is both long and harmoniously balanced. A gentle warmth persists, leaving behind echoes of brown sugar, charred oak, and a nuanced touch of espresso.

The Joseph Magnus Straight Bourbon Whiskey is more than just a spirit; it's an ode to the art of bourbon-making, providing a sensory journey into the heart of Kentucky's bourbon country.