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Jovent Dasca Vives

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osep and Aba work in the fields of Alt Camp, one of the regions the D.O. Tarragona is divided into. For them, this is more than a job, this work is all about maintaining the 6 family estates they manage in Valls, in the north of Tarragona, in Catalonia. This is where they make Dasca Viven Jovent, a red wine made with Garnacha Tinta and Ull de Llebre.

As well as the vineyards, this couple also grows olive trees, hazelnut trees, almond trees and grains on their 15 hectares, all using organic and biodynamic methods, where respect for biodiversity and species is a priority. In the vineyard, which grows on calcareous soils between 100 and 400 metres above sea level, this translates into minimal soil intervention, plant cover and pruning waste. The whole process follows the lunar calendar and uses treatments made with minerals, plants and animals. This is how, in a Mediterranean climate (mild winters and hot summers) and with the influence of the marinada (wind blowing from the coast inland), they produce high quality grapes that are harvested when they reach optimum ripeness.

This manual harvest uses small 20 kg boxes. After a first selection in the field, the Dasca Vives Jovent grapes are taken to the winery in Calders (3 km from Valls in the direction of Nulles), which lies among vineyards. Between small macerations and without any additives, Dasca Vives Jovent ferments spontaneously with native yeasts. From there, it moves on to the next stage of aging in oak barrels, where it will be tamed and rounded. After this it is time to create the final blend, where Dasca Vives Jovent will gain its character. It is bottled and labelled in the winery itself.

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