Karas Extra Brut - Grain & Vine | Natural Wines, Rare Bourbon and Tequila Collection

Karas Extra Brut

$ 15

Karas is a newly established winery in the West of Armavir Region. Located in Ararat Valley, between Mount Aragats and Mount Ararat, Armavir is the smallest and the most densely populated region in Armenia. The convenient location and the favourable climate have allowed this thriving region to become the epicentre of agricultural development. Aside from its highly agricultural background, Armavir also holds a rich historical and cultural legacy, thus attracting thousands of natives and tourists each year to well-known sites, such as the Sardarapat Battle Memorial, the religious and spiritual centre of the Armenian Apostolic Church: the Holy City of Echmiadzin. In 2003 the pursuit for developing an inspiring project lead us to discover these lands rich in minerals and suitable for high quality wine elaboration.The innovation and technology were key factors in achieving our objective, and as from 2010, the production of Karas allowed us to have our first commercial production and so define a new way in the production of Armenian wines.

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