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Kikusui Shuzo Junmai Ginjo Hiya-Oroshi

$ 28

Kikusui Shuzo, hailing from the snow-enveloped region of Niigata Prefecture, is renowned for crafting sakes that embody purity and elegance. Their Junmai Ginjo Hiya-Oroshi is no exception, capturing the essence of the season in which it's traditionally released – the autumn. "Hiya-Oroshi" refers to sake that has been pasteurized once in the winter and then allowed to mature over the summer, ready for autumn release, resulting in a full-bodied and mature flavor profile.

Elegant rich, yet mellow flavors that linger comfortably on the palate. This Junmai Ginjo is specially brewed to be enjoyed on long Autumn nights. We brew this Sake with the freshest harvest rice during the coldest winter days. It is then left in the tank to mature slowly until next Autumn and shipped without the usual 2nd pasteurization process, this is where the name, “Hiya Oroshi” or “cold shipping”, comes from. This is done to allow this Sake to maintain the superb flavor gained from the long slow maturation period.

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Nose: The nose of the Kikusui Shuzo Junmai Ginjo Hiya-Oroshi is complex yet inviting. It opens with a symphony of autumn fruits like ripe persimmon and apple. This is complemented by subtle floral notes reminiscent of chrysanthemums and a hint of steamed rice.

Palate: Taking a sip, one is greeted by a harmonious blend of flavors. The taste mirrors the autumnal nose with additional nuances – think a mix of baked apple, caramelized pear, and a touch of chestnut. Its richness is beautifully offset by the sake's inherent clean acidity and lightness characteristic of Junmai Ginjo grades.

Finish: It concludes with a graceful and lingering finish. The fruity notes mellow down, giving way to a more profound umami touch, leaving a lasting impression of a late autumn evening.

Kikusui Shuzo's Junmai Ginjo Hiya-Oroshi is a true gastronomic delight when paired with the right dishes. Traditional Japanese cuisine like yakitori, especially chicken thighs or tsukune (chicken meatballs), complements its rich flavor. Grilled fish, with a touch of salt or a gentle brush of soy sauce, enhances the sake's umami. Venturing into international dishes, consider roasted poultry, creamy risottos, or even dishes with a hint of truffle. And for those who enjoy contrasting flavors, pairing this sake with a light, zesty citrus salad or tangy cheeses can offer a delightful tasting experience.