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Kings County Distillery Wine Barrel Finish Bourbon Whiskey

$ 45

Barrel finishes are trending in American whiskey. Taking cues from the scotch whiskey model, American whiskey—first aged in a new barrel—will then go into a second barrel for "finishing," essentially taking on the characteristics of whatever the second barrel held before to give the whiskey an added twist of character. While this secondary is traditionally driven by a fortified wine like sherry or port, some distillers are finishing in red wine barrels, creating a whiskey that borrows the heft and richness of wine to add depth and tone to bring two classic flavor profiles together.


For this latest release of a wine-finished bourbon, Kings County turned to Channing Daughters, who are known for unusual varietals at their Bridgehampton Winery. This release takes 2-year old bourbon and finishes it for another year in a Dornfelder and Blaufrankisch wine cask which are then blended together for this limited release blend. 


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This three-year old whiskey has notes of plum, prune, white peach, blackberry jam, raisin, lemon zest and caramel cream with cooked fruit, cranberry juice and dried herbs. This is a collaboration we are very proud of and truly represents the perfect wine-lover's whiskey.