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Kiralyudvar Tokaj Furmint Sec

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In addition to being proprietors of Domaine Huet in Vouvray, the Hwang family owns one of the most historic estates in Hungary – Királyudvar (The Kings Court). Known for their glorious sweet wines, Királyudvar has been a pioneer in producing amazing dry and sparkling wines from the Furmint grape.


The Királyudvar Winery owns some of the most interesting vineyard properties in the Tokaj region of northeast Hungary. In 1997, Királyudvar purchased its original parcels totaling 10 hectares around the villages of Mád and Bodrogkeresztúr. Over the past decade, the company has continued to acquire and nurture additional vineyard properties throughout southern Tokaj.


Today, Királyudvar practices organic viticulture, cultivating 75 hectares of fields divided among six primary vineyards: Lapis, Henye, Percze, Becsek, Danczka and Nyulászó. From the unforgettable high terraces in Lapis to the grand-cru fields of Henye, these estate-owned properties are the source of the unique character and expression found in their handcrafted wines.


About Tokaj, the Wine Region

The historic wine-producing region of Tokaj lies 220 km northeast of Budapest, Hungary along the Bodrog and Tisza Rivers. Located at the geographical center of Europe, this UNESCO World Heritage site covers over 5,000 hectares around twenty-six villages that include Mád, Bodrogkeresztúr and Tállya.


A hidden gem tucked into the foothills of the Carpathian Mountains, Tokaj has proven its viticultural worth for centuries. A unique climate of early autumn rains and long Indian summers provides an extended ripening period creating a paradise for winemaking. Volcanic activity from the past has helped shape special terroirs on the hills throughout the region. Natural cellars carved deep into the ancient rock provide the ideal environment for the aging of Tokaji wines.


The three primary grape varietals of the region are Furmint, Hárslevelu; and Sárgamuskotály (Yellow Muscat). With widespread proliferation of botrytis cinerea, the region is the home to the famous Tokaj Aszú, the world's oldest botrytis dessert wine.

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