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La Calandria Volandera Navarra Garnacha

$ 18

The producers of La Calandria, Luis and Javier, met at the tender age of thirteen in school and became fast friends. Their paths parted ways for university – Luis studying Fine Arts and Javier studying Enology – and then joined again through a passion for wine years later. Together they embarked on a search for the purist form of Garnacha and the mantra that life is too short to drink bad wine. La Calandria, was born. Their method still involves searching, thus their namesake – after the gregarious Calandra lark who nests on the ground allowing for mobility. In the same way, La Calandria keeps their operation mobile and agile so they are able to move from vineyard to vineyard. Today, you'll find them \"nesting\" in the province of Navarra in northern Spain. They farm with an organic approach leaving the vines and earth to flourish as it was intended which includes tumbleweeds and the necessity for hand pruning. The grapes for La Calandria wines come from three distinct vineyards: Cintruénigo, Murchante and Tierga

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