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La Nave Rioja Blanco

$ 18

A sublime expression of the Rioja terroir, the 2020 La Nave Rioja Blanco by MacRobert & Canals is a testament to the elegance and finesse that Viura grapes can achieve in this prestigious region. This wine is a creation of meticulous viticulture and a reflection of the Spanish wine heritage, crafted to capture the pure essence of Viura in a bottle.

The passionate team at MacRobert & Canals, with their deep respect for nature and traditional winemaking practices, have crafted this exquisite white wine that mirrors the beauty and complexity of Rioja. With each sip, you are transported to the serene vineyards under the Spanish sun, where the grapes ripen to perfection.

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Nose: The nose is greeted with a lively bouquet of fresh green apple, white peach, and a whisper of floral notes. A subtle undertone of wet stone and a hint of citrus zest add a delightful complexity, making for an inviting first impression.

Palate: Upon the first sip, a crisp, well-balanced acidity greets the palate, followed by a soft texture that carries the vibrant flavors of ripe citrus fruits and green apple. The mild mineral undertones harmonize with the fruitiness, creating a well-rounded, medium-bodied profile that is both refreshing and satisfying.

Finish: The finish is clean and enduring, with the delicate fruit flavors gradually giving way to a mild minerality that leaves a pleasant, lasting impression. It's a finish that invites another sip, making La Nave Rioja Blanco a delightful companion for a variety of culinary adventures.

The 2020 La Nave Rioja Blanco is a versatile wine that pairs beautifully with a wide range of dishes. Its crisp acidity and fresh fruit flavors make it an excellent choice for seafood dishes like grilled shrimp, seared scallops, or a classic Spanish paella. The wine's refreshing character also complements lighter poultry dishes, salads with a citrus dressing, and vegetarian fare that includes summer vegetables or creamy pasta dishes. For a traditional pairing, serve it chilled alongside tapas, allowing the wine’s vibrant character to shine through.