Laurent Lebled A la Votre! Ca C'est Bon! - Grain & Vine | Natural Wines, Rare Bourbon and Tequila Collection

Laurent Lebled A la Votre! Ca C'est Bon!

$ 20

The playful and expressive nature of the 2022 Laurent Lebled A la Votre! Ca C'est Bon! mirrors the spirit of its name ("To Your Health! This is Good!") perfectly. Laurent Lebled, a passionate exponent of the natural wine movement in the Loire Valley, is known for his minimal interventionist techniques and dedication to showcasing the pure essence of the grapes and terroir.

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Nose: A lively and refreshing nose greets the senses, bursting with aromatic notes of ripe orchard fruits like pear and apple. Delicate undertones of white blossoms, wet stone, and perhaps a hint of fresh herbs suggest a wine that is both complex and invigorating.

Palate: Upon tasting, the wine unveils its multifaceted character. Fresh fruit flavors remain dominant, enriched by the zesty acidity characteristic of Loire Valley whites. Mid-palate, one might discern subtle hints of honey or beeswax, a nod to its natural heritage, and a soft minerality that grounds the wine's profile.

Finish: The finish is long, crisp, and resonant, leaving a lingering impression of fresh fruit flavors complemented by an elegant mineral touch.

With the vibrant personality of the 2022 Laurent Lebled A la Votre! Ca C'est Bon!, the culinary pairings are plentiful. Seafood dishes, like grilled seabass or mussels in a white wine sauce, are immediate companions. Fresh salads with feta, cucumber, and a light vinaigrette would equally echo the wine's freshness. For those looking to experiment, consider pairing with light Thai or Vietnamese dishes, where the wine's acidity can complement the cuisine's fragrant herbs and spices.