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L'Bella Valenciana Sparkling Brut

$ 15

L'Bella Valenciana Sparkling Brut, from the vibrant region of Valencia, Spain, is a fresh and youthful sparkling wine. This delightful Brut is a harmonious blend of 50% Merseguera and 50% Malvasia, offering an alcohol content of 11.5%. It exemplifies the dynamic and diverse winemaking traditions of Spain.

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Nose: Anticipate a nose that combines the unique characteristics of Merseguera and Malvasia, likely offering floral and fruity aromas with a hint of Mediterranean freshness.

Palate: On the palate, this sparkling wine is expected to exhibit a lively effervescence and a dry profile. The balance of Merseguera and Malvasia should create a wine that is both light and refreshing, with subtle complexity and a youthful vibrancy.

Finish: The finish is likely to be clean and crisp, leaving a refreshing and pleasant aftertaste that encourages another sip.

The L'Bella Valenciana Sparkling Brut pairs exceptionally well with seafood, making it an ideal choice for dishes like shellfish, crab, and lobster. Its crisp and lively character also makes it suitable for light appetizers, salads, or as a delightful aperitif to start a meal.