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Legent Bourbon Whiskey

$ 39

Legent is a Kentucky straight bourbon whiskey partially finished in wine and sherry casks. But it's more than that. It pushes the boundaries for how bourbons can be created while remaining true to the core of bourbon's principles. It's a collaboration between two whiskey legends – Fred Noe & Shinji Fukuyo – and two unique styles of whiskey making.


Legent starts with a historic bourbon recipe from Fred Noe's family. Every drop is crafted with high-quality grains and calcium-rich, iron-free, limestone water and is aged for at least four years in newly charred white oak barrels.


Then some bourbon of the bourbon is aged in sherry and red-wine casks. It's here that Legent starts to pick up unique flavors from the different casks. Layers of spice and fruity undertones are imparted from the sherry casks, while the red-wine casks lend Legent a light tartness and help punch up the dried fruit flavors. 


Through blending, Legent's complex layers take shape. Shinji Fukuyo takes these distinct, secondary bourbons and meticulously blends them with Kentucky straight bourbon. Blending allows Shinji to balance the different flavors to consistently hit the flavor profile he and Fred originally envisioned.


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Together, Fred and Shinji have created a bourbon unlike no other. Legent transcends the broader whiskey category. It's a perfectly balanced and well rounded bourbon that's also complex and layered. On your palate, it starts like a bourbon - rich, warm and oaky. Then, like a Japanese whisky, it features complex layers and a bright, smooth, unexpectedly long finish.