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Lejay Creme de Cassis

$ 20

In 1841, Auguste Denis Lagoute created the first Crème de Cassis in Dijon, Burgundy. The House of Lejay-Lagoute have been producing the Crème de Cassis ever since. Two varietals of fruit de Cassis or black current makes the original Cassis liqueur, Lejay - 55% Noir de Bourgogne and 45% Black Down. Both varieties are harvested once a year during summer and the traditional process begins with a slow cold maceration in their proprietary vinimatic maceration vats. The liqueur is then decanted with gravity, to preserve the fullest flavor of the fruit. Once the maceration is complete, it is blended with a small batch of au-de-vie and infused with a touch of Cassis Bourgeon Bud to enhance the natural aromas. The entire process is temperature controlled to preserve the essential elements of aroma and taste.

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This viscous, complex, pleasantly sweet black currant liqueur is bursting with natural aromas of berries, citrus, herbs and rose pallets. Enjoy this cassis on it's own, in cocktails, or in desserts.