Louis-Antoine Luyt Pipeno Carrizal Blanco - Grain & Vine | Natural Wines, Rare Bourbon and Tequila Collection

Louis-Antoine Luyt Pipeno Carrizal Blanco

$ 20

Mainly Moscatel de Alexandria/rest Torontel/Corinta (Chasselas)/Cristalina (Semillon). The combined vine ages range from 75 to 150 years for all of the grapes in this mix, mainly from granitic, clay-based soils. The Moscatel, or Muscat, comes from the north of the Maule region. The other grapes come from one of Chile's smallest regions, Itata (formerly part of the Bìo Bìo but now its own recognized region). The wines were made separately, on their two respective home properties, with approximately three weeks of skin maceration for both, in stainless steel tanks. They are lightly filtered--unlike the reds which are not filtered--before bottling. The Blanco does not drink as an "orange wine" in spite of the lengthy skin contact; rather, the hint of phenolic character provides a bit of structure to balance out this floral, medium-bodied, creamy-textured wine.

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