Maison Dudognon Cognac Selection 5 Years - Grain & Vine | Natural Wines, Rare Bourbon and Tequila Collection

Maison Dudognon Cognac Selection 5 Years

$ 40

The Dudognon family has been growing grapes and distilling cognac since 1776. Their distillery is located in the tiny town of Lignieres- Sonneville in the famed Grande Champagne. Soils here are comprised of Champanian chalk, leading to grapes and spirit with fantastic minerality, acidity and subsequent aging potential. While many Cognacs contain permitted additives (sugar, caramel, boisé), the only "additive" used in Dudognon Cognac is distilled water.

- Appellation: Grande Champagne 

- 100% Ugni Blanc 

- Distilled twice at the domaine 

- Bottled at 5 years old 

- 88 proof. High proof makes it a cocktail mixer to be reckoned with. 

- Packed with notes of green apple, pear and vanilla. 

- Competition: Pierre Ferrand 1840

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