Masseria Trullo di Pezza Primitivo di Manduria Licurti - Grain & Vine | Natural Wines, Rare Bourbon and Tequila Collection

Masseria Trullo di Pezza Primitivo di Manduria Licurti

$ 18

The brand "Trullo di Pezza" comes from the homonymous Masseria, owned by the Lacaita and Parisi Families, dating back to 1830 and situated on a green plain surrounded by seasonal crops.

The structure is composed of two levels with a large green area enclosed by a high wall to dry.

As a country residence la Masseria is devoted to agricultural production of cheese and cereal activities typical of southern campaigns.

To date the company cultivates different types of vines in an area favored by optimal climatic conditions such as: AGLIANICO, FIANO, PRIMITIVO DI MANDURIA DOC and also other types such as SYRAH, LAMBRUSCO and CABERNET.

All the wines are grown and certified organic products.

The style of wine is a blend of character, tradition and balance. The young wine fresh and lively, more structured wine also suitable with ageing, will express their over time complexity.

All in the heart of the Salento peninsula, a land from Mediterranean character, where Sun, wind and sea come together in a unique Alchemy.

In recent years the family you are dedicating to the restructuring and enhancement of Masseria with important investments to maintain and reinforce the real estate heritage.

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