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Mezcalosfera by Mezcaloteca Juan Garcia Espadin 100% Agave

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La Mezcaloteca is the famous bar in Oaxaca City that is renowned for their educational tasting. They source all of their agave spirits directly from producers in seldom-traveled parts of Oaxaca that are often hard to get. They put an exceptional amount of information on their labels. This mezcal is made by Juan Garcia. He is the second generation in the business and learned how to make mezcal from his father. He uses agave that are 20-27 years old grown at 1550 – 1650 m.s.n.m. in Miahuatlan district. It is made from Rhodacantha agave that were milled by stone wheel and cooked with mesquite and oak. Sabine wood was used for fermentation with natural yeasts. Single distilled in a copper with condenser. Distilled March 2018.


Age of agave at harvest: 5 – 9 years

State: Oaxaca

District: Miahuatlan

Agave used: A. Angustifolia

Altitude of agave: 1560-1600 m

Type of oven: Conical earthen

Wood used: Mesquite and oak

Type of mill: Stone wheel

Type of fermentation vat: Sabine wood

Fermentation: Natural wild yeasts

Type of water: Well water

Type of still: Copper with condenser

Number of distillations: 1

Alcohol content adjustment: Cordon

Date of distillation: March 2020

Liters produced: 200 L

Alcohol: 49.7%

Tasting notes: mineral, smoke, wood, sweat


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