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Miyakobijin Shuzo Yoigokochi Yuzu Sake

$ 30

The Miyakobijin Shuzōbrewery stands out for sake with rice-y, earthy tones. A 100% pure, bone-dry, yamahai slow-brew sake serves as the base for Yoigokochi Yuzu. Enjoy straight up, on the rocks, or with a splash of seltzer. Also great as a cocktail ingredient. A yuzu-sake designed by Yoigokochi Pure Sake, bringing you.


Region: Hyogo

Rice Variety: Gohyakumangoku

Type: junmaishu

Polishing Rate: 65%

ABV: 7%

Ingredients: rice, water, kōji, yuzushu

Brewing: yamahai slow ferment, brewed with yuzu juice, undiluted, unfiltered

Serving Temperature: very cold

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