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Molino A Vento Terre Siciliane Carricante

$ 18

The 2022 Molino A Vento Terre Siciliane Carricante is a remarkable embodiment of Sicily's unique winemaking heritage. Hailing from the vibrant landscapes of Terre Siciliane, Molino A Vento is renowned for capturing the essence of the region, crafting wines that echo the Mediterranean spirit. Made exclusively from Carricante grapes, this wine is a testament to the varietal's potential when grown in the mineral-rich soils of Sicily.

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Nose: An inviting aroma fills the air, dominated by refreshing citrus notes like lemon and grapefruit. As it unwinds, subtle undertones of white flowers, green apple, and a hint of almond add depth and intrigue.

Palate: This Carricante boasts a well-balanced profile on the palate, melding zesty acidity with a slightly creamy texture. Dominant flavors of citrus fruits, particularly lemon zest and grapefruit, blend seamlessly with nuances of green apple, pear, and a whisper of wet stone, evoking the mineral-rich terrains of its Sicilian homeland.

Finish: A lingering, refreshing finish ensures this wine remains memorable. The citrusy notes give way to a pleasing mineral aftertaste, punctuated by fleeting hints of almond and white peach, inviting another sip.

The 2022 Molino A Vento Terre Siciliane Carricante shines when paired with Mediterranean dishes. Its bright acidity and citrus profile match beautifully with seafood — be it grilled prawns, calamari, or a classic seafood pasta. Salads featuring olives, capers, and feta can accentuate the wine's inherent flavors. For those preferring land to sea, a light chicken or pork dish with lemon and herbs would be an excellent companion. And for a touch of Sicilian authenticity, consider pairing with a traditional Caponata, where the wine's acidity will cut through the dish's sweetness, creating a harmonious palate experience.