Monkey 47  "Bathing Ape" Edition Schwarzwald Dry Gin

Monkey 47 "Bathing Ape" Edition Schwarzwald Dry Gin

$ 50

Monkey 47 "Bathing Ape" Edition Schwarzwald Dry Gin is a remarkable collaboration between Monkey 47 and A BATHING APE® (BAPE®), two icons of luxury craftsmanship in their respective fields of Craft Gin and street wear fashion. This limited edition gin is a part of an exclusive capsule collection, encapsulating a seamless fusion of eccentric jungle print from Monkey 47 and BAPE®’s iconic camo design. This unique blend of urban clothing and gin artistry symbolizes the artful intricacy and modernity embodied in every bottle​.

Crafted in Germany's picturesque Black Forest, a region synonymous with fine gin creation. The gin itself boasts a rich and complex profile, with a robust and powerful flavor enriched with plenty of spice, fruit, and herb notes. This particular edition is bottled at 47.0% ABV, aligning with the brand's tradition of crafting high-quality, high-proof gins that promise an exceptional drinking and gifting experience​​.

Monkey 47 "Bathing Ape" Edition is not just a beverage, but a statement of style and a testament to collaborative innovation in the modern craft gin landscape. This exclusive edition is a prized collectible for both gin enthusiasts and fashion aficionados, embodying a unique narrative that transcends the ordinary and ventures into the extraordinary.