Nikka Coffey Grain Japanese Whisky - Grain & Vine | Natural Wines, Rare Bourbon and Tequila Collection

Nikka Coffey Grain Japanese Whisky

$ 70

Crafted from a mash bill dominated by corn and filled out with malted barley, this whisky is produced in continuous distillation using a Coffey still. Released without an age statement, it's a light straw-colored whisky that defies easy categorization. It might remind you a bit of bourbon, with vanilla and oak up front, a luscious body tasting of sweet corn, hazelnut, and melon. There's a vegetal undertone and a quick, strong finish. It's unlike any other whisky you’ve tried, and absolutely mesmerizing in a whisky soda, where the flavors open up to offer grapefruit, mint, and caramel. 

Whisky Advocate magazine rating: 92

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Nose: Bourbon-like vanilla and corn notes with a herbal hint of Chamomile.

Palate: Sweet, fruity flavours of melon, grapefruit and thick syrup, balanced by crunchy biscuits and fresh vanilla.

Finish: The corn notes, sweet and vibrant, last on the finish.

Overall: Fans of grain whisky should be pretty happy with this, as well as bourbon lovers.