Nua Roots Hybrid Cider Rose - Grain & Vine | Natural Wines, Rare Bourbon and Tequila Collection

Nua Roots Hybrid Cider Rose

$ 18

The region of Minho has a few apple varieties most of them  with unusual names!

Here are some of them:

Porta da Loja (Cellar´s door), Pipo de Basto (Basto´s Barrel), Três ao Prato  (Three on the plate), Sangue de Boi (Bull´s blood), Beijo da Rainha (Queen's Kiss),  Boa Vontade (Goodwill), among others.

The Minho´s tradition on regional apple production still lives thanks to the willingness of the farmers! 

Promoting sustainable fruit farming perfectly adapted to the region is one of the main missions for a regional biodiversity with potential for economic development.

And its here that NUA CIDER comes along!

Stay real, stay proud of your heritage and show it to the world!

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