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Nuestra Soledad Santa Maria Zoquitlan Mezcal

$ 60


REGION:Santa María Zoquitlán, Tlacolula 
AGAVE:100% Espadín 


Santa María Zoquitlán is a village of 1,608 people southeast of Oaxaca de Juárez in the Valles Cetrales Region. The area is verdant due to the jade-green Zoquitlán River that winds through the valley floor making the area rich for cultivating a wide variety of sustaining crops. Ignacio Parada, known as Don ChuCho, along with his son José, harvest wild and semi-cultivated agaves in the mountains with their rainbow colored soils directly behind their palenque. Don ChuCho is proud to be passing along his craft to the next generation as he works side by side with his son to produce mezcals for Nuestra Soledad and El Jolgorio.


Lemon zest, red pepper, tropical fruit and smoked game greet the nose with a big, creamy and complex palate featuring honeysuckle and sandalwood. The exotic finish is long and nuanced with lychee, stone fruit and savory herbs.ABV: 46% - Batches are distilled to proof, ABV may vary slightly