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Onda Shuzo 88 Junmai Sake

$ 30

• Savory and earthy, big aromas and a touch of sweetness.

• Color of golden hay. Aromas of salted toffee and bananas flambee. Medium-rich body with notes of carob, finishes on a note of white pepper.

• Excellent at a range of temperatures but shows very well at room temp or slightly warmed.

• Made from the unusual rice varietal Ippon-jime, grown only in Niigata.

• Ippon-jime rice milled to 88%

• Rice is 100% estate grown by the brewery. A small team of about five individuals carefully grows the rice throughout the summer then brews sake from their rice in the winter.


Owner and brewmaster Norio Onda is the fifth generation of his family to steward Onda Shuzo, which has been in continuous operation since 1875. While many breweries source their rice carefully and partner with local farmers, Onda is one of the few domaine style breweries in the country, where all the rice used is grown by the brewery workers themselves throughout the summer months who then switch to sake making in the winter. The brewery and rice fields are located right where the foothills of the Echigo mountains meet the Shinano river. Snowmelt from the mountains nourishes the rice paddies and provides well water to create sake.

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