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Palacio de Canedo Limonada

$ 15

Palacio de Canedo Limonada is a delightful and innovative offering from the renowned Prada a Tope estate. Located in the heart of Bierzo, Castilla y León, Prada a Tope has garnered widespread recognition for its creative approach to wine-making, blending age-old traditions with avant-garde techniques. This Limonada wine captures the essence of the region while adding a zesty twist. It's not just a wine; it's an experience that takes you on a journey through the citrus orchards of Spain.

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Nose: Upon the first whiff, you're welcomed with an invigorating aroma of fresh lemons. There's a pronounced citrusy character intermingled with hints of green apple, white grapefruit, and a touch of summer blossoms, reminiscent of a serene Spanish orchard.

Palate: This wine dances on the palate with its light, sprightly texture. The dominant notes of lemon are complemented by nuances of pear, green apple, and a subtle underlying minerality. As it opens up, there are fleeting glimpses of tangerine and honey, adding a sweet counterpoint to its tartness.

Finish: Refreshingly crisp, the finish is all about that lingering citrus note. There's a graceful fade of lemon and green apple, with a hint of floral and mineral undertones that make you yearn for the next sip.

Palacio de Canedo Limonada pairs beautifully with a variety of dishes. Its zesty nature complements seafood excellently – think ceviche, oysters, or a lemon-butter grilled salmon. Its refreshing profile also makes it a fitting accompaniment to salads with feta or citrus vinaigrette. If you're in the mood for something heartier, consider pairing it with light poultry dishes, such as chicken piccata or turkey with a lemon-herb rub. Vegetarian fare like lemon risotto, artichoke dip, or a goat cheese and beet salad would also accentuate the wine's distinct character. And if cheese is your go-to, try it with milder varieties like Mozzarella or Ricotta to let the wine's lemon notes shine through.